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Fishing in Mexico and what to expect.

Fishing in Mexico

Mexico is a country that is associated, for most tourists, with the legendary Tenochtitlan, the treacherous Mexican desert, tequila and the pyramids, which were inherited by the mysterious Mayan civilization.

Mexico is a country in the Americas, located between two oceans bordering the United States in the north, and the small countries of Central America in the south. There is a mild tropical climate on the coast, and scorching heat in the inland areas. For fishermen, trophy fishing is a common daily phenomenon in this country.

What kind of fish can be caught in Mexico

Mexico has access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and the tropics are the places where marlin and sailfish migrate all year long. That is why fishing in Mexico, for the most experienced fishermen, is associated with catching trophy fish in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, although the Atlantic coast has access to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean provides unforgettable fishing.

Near the Pacific coast, in addition to marlin and sailfish, you can fish seabassdorado and tuna. See our Yearly calendar for month by month view of the fish you may catch in Cabo san Lucas.

The Atlantic coast of Mexico runs along the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. These places are a paradise for catching deep-sea fish, as well as fish that inhabit the reefs: tuna, snappers and seabass.

Freshwater fishing in Mexico consists of fishing in the lakes of the black Florida bass.

When you can catch trophy fish in Mexico

The season of sea fishing in Mexico lasts all year long with a short break in the season of winter rain and hurricanes, from December till the end of February. You can still fish, but the fish caught on the hook is much smaller than those caught in the summer.

  • The season for catching wahoo, barracuda, snapper, shark and seabass does not actually stop.
  • Sailfish, blue marlin and dorado are mainly caught from March till the end of August.
  • White marlin begins to peck actively in April, and the season for active tuna fishing is April to May.

Freshwater fishing in rivers and lakes is available, of course, but it is not as popular as sea fishing.


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