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Fishing in Cabo San Lucas in Feb and March

February is a month where we see some brilliant weather for certain intermittent rainstorms in the zone. Normal temperatures range from 75 to 78 degrees with dampness at 65%.

Cabo San Lucas midpoints 1.10 crawls of downpour in February with generally coming in concentrated tempests normally a few days. February is known for periodic plunges in water temperature from south-streaming virus water ebbs and flows which eases back some fish down and brings others into our grounds. 

We likewise ordinarily see a decent Yellow Fin Tuna chomp, albeit the more modest assortment of 12 to 25 pounds is generally normal. We likewise start to see a solid base nibble with Sea Bass, Snapper, Grouper, and others beginning to warm up. Inshore we see wonderful conditions with loads of assortment from Rooster Fish, Pompano, Jacks, Trigger Fish, and that’s just the beginning.

March brings us Spring Break and now and then a break from Bill Fish. With normal temperatures close to 80 degrees and stickiness at 68% the month creates a normal of 0.00 creeps of a downpour, so conditions are ideal.

We now and then fight twists in March and cold water immersing our grounds from the north. With the entirety of that said we actually see some great fishing. The Marlin nibble commonly eases back a piece yet is compensated for with a solid base chomp, with huge Sea Bass, Snapper, Cabrillo, Grouper, and others driving the charge. Yellow Fin Tuna are seen right off the bat in the month; however, drop off rapidly towards the center of March.

Inshore fishing brings loads of extraordinary activity as we see the Spanish mackerel, Yellow Tail and Amber Jacks appear. The Yellow Tail becomes more copious from mid to the furthest limit of the month. We actually see Rooster Fish, Trigger Fish, and others too


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